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Our Consultants have honed their knowledge, skills, and expertise through years of consulting as well as practicing in the field. Spanning nearly every asset intensive industry, we bring that experience to every engagement and help you succeed.
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Our solutions are innovative and straightforward, focusing on your business drivers to ensure success in delivering improvement and achieving your goals to provide the foundation for growth.

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We offer a wide range of consulting services, professional development & mentoring, and technology designed to simplify solutions that instill confidence and deliver results. Our philosophy is to establish a close partnership with you through sharing our experience and expertise to deliver real results but also to guide you to enable your people to develop knowledge and skills to be successful in the future.

Asset Management Strategy & Best Practices Consulting

Asset Management Strategy & Best Practices Consulting

The starting point of any successful Asset Management program is the development of a sound Strategy supported by specific Best Practices catered to your company's needs.

We have a unique ability to simplify the complicated to help you build and grow your Asset and Facility Management capabilities. Leveraging decades of experience and aligned with ISO-55000 and other standards and best practices, we have guided many of the world's largest companies, utilities, and public/government organizations through development of their Asset Management strategy and deployment of personalized best practices, directly improving their business.

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Education, Training and Professional Development

Education, Training and Professional Development

Our proven curriculum is catered to busy professionals who have a desire to expand their knowledge and experience so they can serve as internal Asset Management experts.

Our certificate program employs a combination of formal presentations, interactive discussions, one-on-one mentoring sessions, and hands-on application of what was learned; culminating in a capstone project solving a real-world business challenge in their company/organization.

Our courses typically require only 2-4 hours per week and will fully prepare you to take on the challenge of leading and/or advancing your organization's Asset Management program.

EAM/CMMS & IoT Technology Solutions, Improvement and Health Checks

EAM/CMMS & IoT Technology Solutions, Improvement and Health Checks

Effective EAM/CMMS and IoT Technology tools are the cornerstone of successful Asset Management execution and improvement.

Countless organizations have made extraordinary investments in technology but failed to achieve the value they expected. They implement technology with good intention but later realize that the systems are ineffective and they must invest significant additional cost "reimplementing" which in many cases exceeds the amount of their original initiatives.

Our experts can help you improve your EAM/CMMS system as well as guide you through the pitfalls of selecting and implementing technology, ensuring these tools will be effective in asset management improvement and helping you make better decisions.

Specific focus areas include EAM/CMMS needs analysis, system selection & implementation, technology Health Checks to improve use and outputs, IoT strategy and technology, and many more.

Focused Work and Asset Management, EAM/CMMS Best Practice Workshops

Focused Work and Asset Management, EAM/CMMS Best Practice Workshops

Do you have an EAM or CMMS that isn't delivering what was promised? Are you just feeding the system and getting nothing out of it? Are you thinking about purchasing CMMS/EAM system but don't have your processes defined or aren't sure where to start?

Most organizations have failed with their EAM/CMMS mainly because don't define their work and asset management processes up-front nor do they tie business drivers to the implementation & use of their technology. Our focused Asset and Work Management best practice workshops will guide you to defining your desired End State and build a simple, realistic plan to get you there.

We can guide you through comprehensive full-blown work and asset processes workshops catered to your business or we can conduct more specific topic-based sessions such as asset registry and hierarchy, asset plans, work planning & scheduling, and others to meet a specific need.

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Our consultants and engineers have assisted many of the largest & industry leading utilities, manufacturing companies, facilities, schools, cities, government agencies, and many others to be successful. Our unique approach fosters a teaming partnership where we share our experience and provide sustainable solutions to improve asset health & reliability, optimize operational efficiency, and prevent premature failures.

We can work with your professionals, in all industries, to better manage the lifecycle of your equipment, facilities, and infrastructure through straight forward methods, practices, and technology.

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Asset Management, Maintenance & Reliability excellence is achievable, we can help.

We have worked with most of the the leading utilities, manufacturing companies, facilities and schools, government and DoD agencies, and many others to share our experience and provide viable solutions to improve asset health & reliability, optimize operational efficiency, and prevent premature failures.

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